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Customer Support
24 hours, 365 days

We make a new customer support channel out of social media.

Placing your brand as one of the few that truly offers a custom, fast and reliable support to its customers in a place where they spent most of their time.

A delayed or inaccurate response could turn a chance to gain a loyal customer into a client lost. That's why our team joins, adapts, extends and exploits your existing customer assistance structure to provide this service to your customers up to 24 hours a day, every day with a response time below 60 minutes and in a variety of languages.

Building the Right
Custom Content

Each social platform has the capacity to spread content in one or many formats.

We can use the content your marketing area develops but we'll also take a collaborative posture, suggesting ideas and helping create new valuable content for social media. The cost of those productions will be included in this plan or we may take advantage of your traditional campaigns investments.

On the other hand, we feed our and your team with the last online trends to never miss an opportunity of viralization and massive broadcasting.

3 to 6 dedicated

There are, at least, three human resources involved in any Elite Corporate Plan account working half or full time on your brand.

This could turn to be six if needed and, also, some "satellite" profiles that could help with other tasks such as video content generation.

Reports and access to
premium tools

Your company will be able to check custom reports made to fulfill your needs, as well as standard reports from premium online tools we'll use in the management of your social media accounts.

Ask for a meeting at

This service is intended to be used by companies with products or services for the mass consumer market and want to stand out from the crowd of business using social media.

If you instead want a standard service, please check out our Social Media: Standard Plan. (site only available in Spanish)

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